Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Second Annual Ozone Homecoming Parade

Hot on the heels of yesterday's video of the First Annual Ozone Parade. We proudly present the Second Annual Ozone Homecoming Parade. The parade has some strange parallels to today. First, it's kind of like a nightmarish FestiFools. Second, there is a lady in a meat bikini. Clearly inspiration for Lady GaGa's meat dress. Third, the parade hosts bear an uncanny resemblance to the Hunger Games hosts. Fourth, hipsters. There is also some cool footage of the late, great Shaky Jake.

More commentary from my dad:

I see you figured out most of the Chris Frayne story. He was part of Crow Quill graphics. They did the Blimpy Burger and Pizza Bob's signage and a lot more "counter culture" graphics in the early 1970s. The Ozone parade may have been so named in honor of Commander Cody's hit "Lost in the Ozone" but nobody remembers.
Folks, I hope you have enjoyed these videos as much as I have.
The First Ozone Parade


  1. if another one shows up in this series ... and if it features a 17-foot joint on wheels, then i am going to drag my kids over here and point and tell them i told you so, would i lie?

    -- peter

  2. As I recall, Chris Frayne was not a part of Crow Quill Graphics, rather John Copley (who still illustrates for the Ann Arbor Observor and has his own studio outside of town) and Zeke (last name I can't recall, but last I knew was still in the signage business).