Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take Back the Night... specifically this night.

Heyooo! Tonight is the Ann Arbor Take Back the Night March and Rally, ovah awn tha diag. If you've never heard of TBTN, basically all you need to know is it's an organization that fights against sexual assault and other kinds of sexual violence. What an upper!

Anywho, the Ann Arbor TBTN is a bit different from most other TBTNs across the country. Normally at these things, a bunch of people gather, and survivors of sexual assault get up and share their stories in front of errrrrrbuddy, or just the women are taken after some speeches at the beginning so that they can speak away from men, etc.

First of all, this TBTN is actually more celebratory. The 'Speak Out' portion, so the part where survivors tell their specific stories, actually happened on Tuesday. Also, unlike a lot of these types of groups, men were allowed to be there, since men can also be survivors and supporters of sexual violence.

But basically, that means that tonight is more of a party time/protest. No, really: there will be dances, a cappella singing by a few different UM groups, friggin' balloons, signs, yelling, blah blah blah. Plus a march through the streets of Ann Arbor.

Also, this thing is for the whole community, not just UM students, which means it's perfect for me to go to 'cause jebus knows the last thing I want is a bunch of undergrads looking at me like, "Are those flared jeans? Is she wearing a shirt over her sweatshirt?" Hey remember when that was a thing?! Gawd I loved it.

Anyway. It'll be a good time. And powerful. And you'll feel pretty great about yourself and the people around you afterward. 7:30, diag, tonight.

EDIT: The music group is not actually an a cappella group, as I previously thought, but will be playing some shmawesome tunes nonetheless.

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