Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Xuan Alyfe reception in pictures

I went to check out the Xuan Alyfe reception at LePop with EJ, G$ and some other friends last Friday. I have to commend the folks at Charlie LaCroix Brokerage; I think it's great that once a month, they throw an awesome party that brings together great people, art, music and free Arbor Brewing Company beer. I always enjoy myself at their receptions.

This was one of the larger paintings at the gallery. Note the little guys in the striped shirts. They appear in a lot of Xuan's work.

Oh no! One of the little striped shirt guys escaped from the painting! Just kidding. That's Xuan.

My only criticism of the evening and Xuan's work in general was in the depiction of Ephemeroptera. Sorry this picture is so blurry, but the mayfly here is covered in hair, has short wings and no antenna. That's just not right.

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