Monday, May 28, 2012

A2 in the Summer

I'm spending my first (and possibly last?) summer ever in A2 preparing for the California Bar Exam in July. So, in between (re)learning contracts, constitutional law, and California civil procedure (yuck), I'm looking forward to experiencing Ann Arbor in the summer, especially since it's probably going to be my only chance to do so. What sorts of things would you make sure to do, and what are your summer staples? Let me know in the comments.


  1. First, let me say that I feel your pain. I spent the summer of 1997 (yes, I'm old!) studying for the MI Bar Exam which at the time was only easier than two exams...New York and California!! Even though I haven't practiced in 7 (blissful, wonderful) years, I pay my $315 in Bar dues every year because I worked so hard!

    Next, one of my favorite things is definitely not for everyone, but I love the Civic Band at West Park. They play outdoors every Wednesday starting in late June. So much fun! I also like the Shadow Art Fair over at the Corner. You gotta go to the Top of the Park, esp. the outdoor movies. Sonic Lunch is fun, too, on Thursdays at lunchtime (duh :)). And yes, the Art Fairs...I enjoy them just to watch the quiet desperation on the faces of the rich housewives, as they spend their husband's money.

  2. Seconding most of TeacherPatti's comments. Sonic Lunch, Top of the Park, Shadow Art Fair. Michigan Roots Jamboree was fun last summer; I don't know if a repeat is planned. I went to Soul Kitchen at the Elks a week ago, and it was a nice early-evening dose of summer and music.

    Other than that... walking and tubing or kayaking on the river. Drinks and food outside and on porches. Freedom from undergrads.

    This is also my last Ann Arbor summer, so I'm hoping to get the lakes and up north for a few weekends, which is something I've not taken sufficient advantage of in my time here.