Friday, May 18, 2012

Paying the Bills in Detroit Schools

This summer, I'm working with public schools in Detroit, and when I went to look for some information this morning online, this is what I found:

Notice, in the upper right hand corner, " expired on 05/14/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion."

Not only are all the public school teachers in Detroit getting pink-slipped and must reapply, reinterview for their job, it looks like the website is getting let go as well!


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  2. According to wiki (, Detroit Public schools spends $18,758 per pupil.
    Per Pupil Allocation in Ann Arbor Public schools planned as $9,020.
    So I am absolutely not surprised they run out of money in Detroit. What I am surprised is why I should be concerned about this.

  3. I taught there for almost five years, but even I am surprised about this. How the hell could they not do something as simple as this?!
    Having said that, my caseload included kids with visual impairments and learning disabilities. Getting resources was impossible, but I did use something called Learning Ally, which loaned textbooks on CD. Imagine my surprise when, at the beginning of this year, I placed my order and immediately received a call to tell me that DPS hadn't paid its bill, and so I was precluded from ordering anything.
    Denis, are you saying you are surprised that you are concerned, or you are surprised that DA thinks you should care. If I hadn't been in the system for years, I probably wouldn't care either but it's a symptom of a bigger issue...if that district completely falls apart, it's not going to be awesome. Despite what the townies think, Detroit is NOT that far from here.

  4. The Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area is certainly the core of our focus. But we do try to keep an eye on other goings on in SE Michigan and the rest of the state. We love the Ypsi-Arbor area, but there are so many other great things in Michigan that we can't really force ourselves to only write about Ann Arbor.