Friday, May 11, 2012

Place that photo: Heavy metal

Alright, so I know these aren't stairs (or are they?!?) but these are the last things I would ever wanna walk down. One drop 'o water and you're donezo. Plus, these would totes not be heels-friendly. Blech.

This week's PTP is a bit obscure, I'll give you that. But that just means you'll be extra proud of yourself when you get it, amirite? Here's the deal: You guess where I took this photo. You guess right. You put your guess in the comments below, along with your Twitter handle. If you're the first one to get it right, we'll damn you on our Twitter feed. If you don't leave your Twitter thingamajig, we'll just damn your damn name.

The last PTP was taken outside the Argus building.


  1. The Sculpture in the plaza in front of the Co-op? I used to think sliding down the rounded part was the best thing ever when I was little :). (@Celiumm)

  2. I guess the sculpture at Co-op Park too.

    Our kids once climbed and slid on it. If I remember correctly it was gone for a long time to refurbish the Cor-Ten Steel. Looks good in the photo!