Thursday, May 31, 2012

Place that photo: A shoe-in

No shoes, no shirt, but I still get service, WATCH!

Sometime I want to put a sign like this right on my front door just to see what people do. Or at least to see the looks on their faces. Usually, if you just tell people to please take their shoes off at the door, they'll do it without even a, "When did you get so uptight??" look, although you deserve to get that look. However! If you just have this hanging on your front door NAY if you have this PAINTED in huge block letters on your front door, they're gonna think you're a demanding weirdo. It's best to get that image out there as soon as possible, because as soon as you become a demanding weirdo, you become hard to buy for, which means people will try harder when they need to get you presents, which means you won't necessarily get great presents, but you will torture the people you love.

As usual, it's time to figure out where this gosh darn photo was taken. Put your guesses in the comments below, along with your Twitter handle - we'll be damning the frist person to get it right on our Twitter feed. Don't have Twitter or feel weird about it? Fine, don't leave your Twitter handle. We'll just damn your damn name.

The last PTP was taken right outside of Grow Blue.