Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflections on Water Hill Music Fest

Water Hill was great this year. It's really awesome to be able to walk take a leisurely stroll through a neighborhood and hear such great music and run into so many friends. I especially liked the parade down Summit at the end of the fest. Perhaps though, next year they can get some food carts. That would be great.


Water Hill in Pictures


  1. I was in the parade, too! We broke off to head home, but it was a blast.
    Food carts (and a beer garden, hee hee)would be nice. Meantime though, I enjoyed going to the bakery and nomming on pizza

  2. I hope you're both kidding because I think food courts and beer gardens are exactly the kinds of things that would spell the ruin of this one super-cool, still uncommercialized Ann Arbor event.

  3. I agree with Ann -- it was great to grab pizza at the bakery before heading into the neighborhood, but to add food carts would take away from this great little fest.