Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emergent Arts presents Yankee Tavern

Have you already seen The Mute Quire, but are still itching to see some local theater this weekend? Fear not gentle reader, Yankee Tavern is here!

A man walks into a bar…..In the soon to be demolished Yankee Tavern, the owner, Adam, is a grad student (thesis on conspiracy theories) whose father died the day after 9/11. His father’s best friend Ray is a Teller of Tall Tales, every bar has one, an habitual weaver of the most intoxicating of conspiracy theories: JFK; the moon landing; most of all, 9/11. The owner’s fiancĂ© Janet spars with both men, almost comically revealing layers of deception all around her. Then a mysterious stranger walks in, revealing inexplicable connections between this young couple’s future and shadowy events surrounding the national tragedy. He is a Master Teller of Tales. He tempts us with the ennobling status of secret knowledge, straight from the Master’s mouth, plus a little bonus: the thrill of further danger to come. And we listen.
Sounds intense.

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