Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gandy Dancer: "A Touch of Nostalgia in a Confused World"

I recently acquired my grandparents' matchbook collection. It's not that serious really, just a bunch of matchbooks in a bucket. Anyway, I found this amongst them (click to enlarge):

I sure wish I could ask my grandparents if it was "a touch of nostalgia in a confused world" the day they went there.

I haven't been to the Gandy Dancer in so long that I have no idea if that phrase is ever used as a part of their branding anymore. Anyone know what time period this would belong to?


  1. That's great. Any idea how old the matchbook is?

  2. The open one says "Reopening Fall 1975" so around then, I reckon.

  3. I put it on Flickr and someone indicated the early 70s?

  4. Probably early '70s. A bit of trivia: once while having dinner at the GD, one of their car windows was smashed by a would-be thief who didn't find anything worth stealing.

    1. kayak woman means my grandparents' car was broken into, not a car belonging to the Gandy Dancer people.

  5. The Gandy Dancer was the best restaurant in Ann Arbor in the '70s. But after the Muer family's tragic sailing accident, the restaurant changed hands several times and it no longer holds that distinction.

  6. I've never been there. But then again, I lost my passport and can't get past the borderguards stationed along US-23....:)