Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not a costume

Spotted this in front of Urban Outfitters.


  1. Few costumes are worn to comment on the subject of the costume. This guy isn't saying "hey, lookit how dumb injuns are!" He's saying "hey, lookit how dumb I can be!" Nobody thinks this guy is or is trying to appear as a 'real' native person.

    I think this tumblr, if its owner has native roots, is participating in the cultural genocide of the modern developed world by appropriating technology developed by non-native people (the internet, digital camera, etc.) to make fun of white people.

  2. you lost me there, brah

  3. this poster is awesome! good work, whoever put it up. especially outside of urban outfitters, a terrible company owned, incidentally, by a rich rick santorum supporter.

    commentator above: this great blog post written by an actual native american might help clear things up for you: