Thursday, June 21, 2012

Verve Pipe, Story Collider and Rag Birds tonight

If you are looking to get into some trouble tonight you can choose from any number of events. At 7 pm the Verve Pipe are playing at the Event of Main Street. Also at 7 pm Story Collider has a live show, Breakthroughs, at Live. Finally the Ragbirds are playing tonight at Top of the Park. They take the stage at 8pm. Festival season is truly upon us. Get out and enjoy the summer.

On a side note, the Verve Pipe's Brian Vander Ark was briefly following us on Twitter. I'm not sure what we did to prompt the un-follow, but Brian if you are reading this and would like to grab a beer after the show, just hit us up.


  1. Ragbirds = fun live music. If you don't dance to heir Tarantella, you don't dance. period.

    Story collider has A2 Ignite host Ryan Burns presenting. Really a must-see!

  2. Story Collider is at Live!, not AADL, tonight.