Sunday, July 8, 2012

Art Fair Bingo

Here are two old versions of "Art Fair Bingo" cards. Some of them are little dated (R.I.P. Shaky Jake). Gentle Readers, what would you put on you add to Art Fair Bingo? Replace "emo kids" with "hipsters?"

First card via

Second via Katy McGrady


  1. I've long advocated for a square for the rich housewives from Bloomfield/Birmingham who come to spend their husbands' money. You can tell them because they all have shoulder length blonde hair, a phone pressed to their ear, the requisite kid in some expensive "double wide" stroller (said kid should be properly neglected by mom as she chats on her phone) and clutching a Starbucks cup for dear life. There is also a slightly desperate look in their eyes as if, on some level, they realize that their looks are fading and that their husband will, if he hasn't already, eventually trade them in for a younger model. Also, there should be some art on a stick in the stroller.

  2. confused and scared traveling kids that were told that ann arbor is good place to stop during summer travels only to find that every rich yuppy in south-east michigan has descended on Ann Arbor