Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Fair: the calm before the storm

I ventured out of my safe climate controlled lab to mail a letter just now. Here are some pictures I took along with my whity observations.

With the temperature today, these cactus sculptures seemed very appropriate.

Does the State Street Art Fair have the legal authority to change a bike rack into a regular mundane U-shaped post? If they do, they clearly lack the moral ground to have cyclists respect their rules.

A truckload of stick-art ready to hit the streets of Ann Arbor.

Much of the normally delightful Non-Profit Section of the Art Fair on Liberty Street has been replaced with booths selling stuff you'd expect to see on late night TV infomercials.

I like Grand Traverse Pie Co.'s fanny pack tally.

Saw this pile of vintage clothing outside Star Vintage.

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