Friday, July 27, 2012

Ask and it shall be given you

You know that problem of when you are at a crowded bar, drinking a beer and have no table or other surface upon which to set aforementioned beer when you have to use the restroom? Personally, I usually end up taking my beer with me to the restroom and then placing the beer precariously on the gently sloping porcelain top of the urinal while I take care of business. This always feels a little uncomfortable because: 1) what if the beer slips off the urinal? and 2) I like to keep my bodily outputs and bodily inputs separated.

Thankfully, Corner Brewery is responding to the requests of its patrons/bathroom vandalizers and installing an above urinal shelf so that people can safely stow their beer during urinal usage. Well done Corner Brewery!

Hat Tip: EJ

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