Monday, July 2, 2012

Charlie Slick is a Genus

From the YouTube page:

A Demo of the Sagittronics Midi Light 001 light controller.

On Etsy sagittronics[at]gmail This device uses Midi note on/off data to control 8 X 120VAC outlets. what does that mean....?

It means, it's the most straight forward and easy to control light show ever made! Use any midi sequencing device, whether it be hardware like a Yamaha QY100, MPC, or Keyboard--or software such as Ableton, Logic, or anything that can sequence midi. No extra editing software required. No it doesn't use DMX, No it does not have a chase function. No dimmers, your lights are either on or off--We're not talking "laser floyd"--but you can do some cool easy stuff! Each outlet is linked to a midi note.

Outlet 1 = C3 (middle C)
Outlet 2 = C#3
Outlet 3 = D3
Outlet 4 = D#3
Outlet 5 = E3
Outlet 6 = F3
Outlet 7 = F#3
Outlet 8 = G3

He will be playing Top of the Park this Thursday, July 5th.

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