Monday, July 30, 2012

Primary election time

Gentle readers, the August Primary Election is just over a week away. If you live in Ann Arbor (in any but the Third Ward) you have a contested democratic primary to vote in! Here's a breakdown of the candidates for each race with links to their campaign websites.

First Ward:

Sumi Kailasapathy
Eric Sturgis
Second Ward:
Tony Derezinski (inc.)
Sally Hart Petersen
Third Ward:
Christopher Taylor (inc.) is running unopposed in the Third Ward but may have challengers in the race to replace Carsten Hohnke as most handsome man on City Council this fall.
Fourth Ward:
Margie Teall (inc.)
Jack Eaton
Fifth Ward:
Vivienne Armentrout
Chuck Warpehoski
Over on the Ann Arbor Chronicle, there is a great article breaking down campaign donations for the Ann Arbor City Council primary race. The article has tons of great maps plotting the address' of campaign contributors for each race on a map of the city's 5 Wards.

Check out the above map (courtesy of the Chronicle). It's of campaign contributions for one of the city council races. Each dot represents a contributor's address. Based on the clustering of the contributions, can you guess which race is being mapped?

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