Thursday, July 12, 2012

Z World Detroit

An entrepreneur named Mark Siwak submitted a plan to mayor Dave Bing to convert some Detroit's abandoned industrial parks into a post-zombie apocalypse themed adventure camp. Z World Detroit seems to be targeted at those looking to prepare for the eventual end of the world.
Here’s the synopsis of this live-action theater: Participants arrive and park in the designated parking lot. They undergo a briefing in the staging area adjacent the Z headquarters where they learn the rules and the scenario for their overnight adventure. In brief, they search for shelter among the destroyed buildings, try to gather supplies, and attempt to survive the night without being eaten by the roving pack of zombies unleashed to find them.
I think this is the coolest thing ever, but I'd be interested to know more about the types of zombies we're dealing with here. Are they the traditional shamblersfast zombies, something else? Is zombification caused by a disease or some kind of supernatural curse?

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  1. Your questions in the final paragraph, should be part of the scenario .