Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Punk Week lives

A somewhat less raucous Punk Week XI concluded last night with the traditional Shopping Cart Race. Nice to see things back to normal after The Worst Punk Week Ever in 2010 and a rather lackluster Punk Week in 2011.

Photo courtesy of Dominic Vikram Bastian

UPDATE: This post is not entirely correct. For more accurate information about Punk Week check out this new article.


  1. Punk week has actually not happened at all these past two years. got it wrong. shocker.

  2. So really I should say: the Shopping Cart Race, whose founding precedes Punk Week by a number of years, continues despite the absence of the latter event.

  3. Last year, some of the former organizers of Punk Week collaborated with new blood to put on something we called "Seize the Week". It wasn't meant to be punk week, but a new beginning of sorts. I'm surprised to read this, Ben. It's not really fair to call it lackluster.

  4. Hi @anon #2. I just wrote a big followup to this piece that clears up some errors in this post. You can check it out here. Also, thanks for letting me know about Seize the Week. I didn't know the event emerged from Punk Week.