Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sol Food Mobile Farm

Yesterday when I was stopped at a light on 5th Ave, a red school bus with plants in it turned in front me. It really caught my eye because, well, it was a red school bus with plants in it. I quickly scribbled the website down on my hand to check out what was going on when I got home.

As it turns out, the Sol Food Mobile Farm is a bus that's touring the nation to promote local foods and renewable energy resources. The bus is a retrofitted 57 passenger school bus that includes a biodiesel engine, "a living green roof, peel and stick solar panels, a vermacompost system, waste collection tanks, mobile green house, and living quarters."
Today they were at the Farmer's Market, giving people a chance to check it out. They're doing five-day workshops in ten cities across the US, but the Ann Arbor stop was just to showcase the vehicle and talk about what they're trying to accomplish. It seems like a really unique and eye-catching idea to pull more people towards environmental initiatives. Check out the website for more information about the bus and their tour. I took some pictures while I was there, you can see them after the break.


  1. Biodiesel or not, they're still burning resources and releasing the resultant emissions (significantly less than diesel or gas, but not close to zero) into the atmosphere as they circle the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Call me when the bus is pedal-powered.

  2. Great post Connor. Looks like a pretty cool set up.