Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are Ann Arbor's libraries anti-napping?

Damn Arbor reader, Mike Hulsebus, tipped us off to the following comment on the Ann Arbor District Library's webpage about the Nov. 6th Library Millage:
I love my library[,] been going there since I was little I would totally back u guys up but I have a problem[:] I seem to be having the same problem at most of the branches[.] I recently got called "inappropriate and childish" from your security staff at the downtown library because I was laying down reading books and eating my funnier bears in a far corner minding my business where no one could see me cause no one was really on that floor anyways but a hour later I was told I need to sit up. I ... didn't do anything wrong an I feel I deserve an apology. And now at the beach(sic) on [P]ackard road this happened a year ago but I had got done with my doctors(sic) appointment an I was tired and drowsy from the medicine and I went to the library to wait for my mom[.] [N]ot even a minute pass by that this lady told me I had to leave cause I kept dosing(sic) off so I went outside sick as a dog in the cold... Then just recently I had to catch the bus downtown it was going to be there shortly and I had got done checking out so I was gonna take a 5 min nap till I had to leave I got asked to leave. It's not like I'm a bum or something I understand you want to keep the limit of homeless people out of the library and I've noticed the security I feel like I can't do anything in the library but get my stuff and leave all I'm saying is please loosin up a bit that's all.
I think the real question here is what are "funnier bears" and where can I get some?

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  1. Yes, anything resembling sleeping or dozing off will result in a lecture from the security staff. The downtown branch especially has a problem with vagrants making themselves at home on the upper floors for hours at a time, so the official policy is to wake them up or kick them out. It makes sense, but a little discretion wouldn't hurt.