Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cider time

The weather is getting chilly. The equinox is nearly here. This can only mean one thing: cider time is upon us. Fortunately, A2GastroBoy has a great diatribe on the subject of cider and a rundown of some great local cider mills.
Fun fact: did you know Canadians call cider mills "apple barns?" Crazy. Pinot of Interest: Living in a border state fosters Canadian friendships. I’ve recently learned that my Canadian friends share our love for Cider and the experience of visiting orchards in the fall. However, like so many Bizzaro-world US-Canadian twists, they have their own colloquialism for this cultural icon. They refer to Cider Mills as ‘Apple Barns’, as in, “I can’t wait to visit the Apple Barn.” Those Kooky Canucks.

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  1. I am now reading the blog because it's apparently the only contact I can have with you. I am commenting on a post about Canada. CANADA, Benjamin.

    I hope you're pleased with yourself.