Friday, October 19, 2012

Bill's Beer Garden: a review in pictures

There was a great turnout last night for the opening of Bill's Beer Garden. The space (the parking lot of Downtown Home and Garden) looked great and there was a nice festive atmosphere. It's going to have great synergy with Mark's Carts. How many times have you wished you had a nice cold one to wash down your bahn mi? Thanks to Bill's Beer Garden, your prayers have been answered.

Some of my compatriots mentioned that it was strange to be opening a beer garden with winter just around the corner. And while the timing of the opening might seem a little odd, I bet it is going to be packed tomorrow. I think Bill's is a great addition to the outdoor drinking scene in Ann Arbor. Before, if you wanted to stand around in public on the west side of town and drink, you pretty much had to brown bag it.

Here's Mark, of Mark's Carts, announcing the Tigers 6-0 lead over Yankees last night.

There was a really good selection of some of my favorite Michigan Beers at Bill's Beer Garden: Two Hearted, Dirty Bastard, Original Gravity Porter to name a few. Also, if you look carefully in the picture above, you can see Joel from the Lunch Room moonlighting as a bartender.


  1. I got so excited going to this beer garden that I tripped on the benches. It was pretty dark and I was a little bit tipsy. That's the reason for the bandage right across my thigh. Oh well, it was a fun night still.