Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween super-post

Happy Halloween gentle readers. I've got a spooktacular post for all of you. First here are two accounts of spooky goings-on in Ann Arbor. From Michigan Hauntings: Ann Arbor:
Old white house off the corner of Ann St. and S. Division. My mother was wallpapering and redesigning the place when her and her partner heard noises and banging coming from the attic. My mother opened the attic door and there was a huge rush of cold stale air while no windows or doors were open. It sounded like things were being broken, dropped, and dragged up there. Very erie and odd place to be.
Here's a video of spooky shadows in Forest Hills Cemetery. Lots of ghost hunters believe Forest Hills is haunted. I've found some videos of strange electromagnetic readings there on Youtube, but I was unable to track them down for this post.

Finally here are two non-Ann Arbor related items. If you are looking for a scary little comic, I highly recommend reading Emily Carroll's "His Face All Red." It is incredibly well done and delightfully dark. If you are looking for something a little lighter, look no further than Boing Boing's 2012 Candy Hierarchy.

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