Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A2 Happy Hour

Saw this poster the other day and thought that it was pretty intriguing. Not just because the idea of using a poster to advertise a website seems a little strange (seriously, does this work?). But because of the statement at the bottom of the poster. It's a little blurry but it says:

"This is just a start. Wait for our next big hit!

-Team Thrones.

A similar message appears at the bottom of the A2 Happy Hour website.

I bet you're asking yourself who Team Thrones is. Well I did a little internet sleuthing and and found this on Chengqi Zhu's LinkedIn Page:

Team Thrones is our startup company in the TechArb incubator program in University of Michigan. We are currently building a LBS application for iOS that helps users discover people with common interest and engage in real life social events in a spontaneous and random manner. My primary responsibility is interaction design and application develop.
Does this mean A2 Happy Hour is just a publicity stunt for an upcoming iOS app, or is it part of something bigger?


  1. I think more research is needed. You (obviously) need to go to Happy Hour with these people and report back to your readers . . .

  2. We've been using this site at work for post work happy hours since May or June. They've changed the format and style of the page but I don't think that constitutes as the next big thing.

    What about pics or videos of people enjoying these happy hour specials to help get a feel for the environment for places people have not frequented before?

  3. Yeah, the grad student who was running it moved out of town, so he sold it. The new owners are doing their own thing with it.