Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Janine Antoni at the Michigan Theater

I think one of the consistently good, entertaining, recurring, art related, inspiring, semi-mandatory experiences I have had in Ann Arbor is the Penny Stamps Speaker Series at the Michigan Theater. In this semester the School of Art and Design has brought Oliver Stone, Pes, Stefan Sagmeister and Sally Mann. This thursday is Janine Antoni, someone that you may have encountered through the PBS program Art: 21. The program starts at 5:15 with a Q&A following the lecture. It'll be worth it. 

Performance wasn't something that I intended to do. I was doing work that was about process, about the meaning of the making, trying to have a love-hate relationship with the object. I always feel safer if I can bring the viewer back to the making of it. I try to do that in a lot of different ways, by residue, by touch, by these processes that are basic to all of our lives...that people might relate to in terms of process, everyday activities— bathing, eating, etc.
Janine Antoni

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