Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Christmas lights in Ann Arbor?

EJ and I have been thinking about going for a drive to check out some Christmas lights. Any suggestions of neighborhoods to check out?

UPDATE: My sister Colleen just sent in this video she took from the corner of "Textile and Somewhere." Thanks, Colleen.


  1. Yes! At Huron/Jackson where it splits off and goes to Revena or else you can stay straight and go onto Jackson there is an apartment complex that has its trees lined with the most beautiful blue lights. I have blue lights but the color isn't as pretty as these are. Have fun!!

  2. Liberty between about Eighth and Mulholland has a series of decorated houses that caught my eye. And o Stadium near Trinity Lutheran Church there is a exceedingly festive house. They always decorate, but this year's seems even more so. Back through Geddes/Devonshire/that area there are lots of tasteful white lights but no WOW! factor. There used to be a block near Morgan and York (back when it was Big Ten) that was definitely full of WOW! but I haven't been through (stopped going to Morgan and York).

  3. Thanks for the tips Chris. I'll make sure to check them out.