Thursday, December 20, 2012

Far House seeks housemates

Are you a creative type? Have you ever wanted to live in an underground venue? Well if so, you're in luck: Far House is looking for new housemates. Via Criagslist:

This is a call to local doers, builders, makers, hackers, movers, shakers, posi punks, anarchists, (sub)urban farmers, culture jammers, radical queer folk, artists, crafters, musicians, noise makers, concert promoters, zinesters, screenprinters, filmmakers, community/events organizers and other progressive outsiders.

One of Ann Arbor's premier house venue collectives is looking for new housemates.


Here's a little about us and why you may want to live here:
We've been home to a very diverse group of artists, musicians, community/events organizers and activists, among others.
We've played host to dozens of underground concert events (local and touring artists), dance parties, skill shares, potlucks, film screenings, art showings and other various social functions and plan on continuing those traditions.
While this may make us sound like a rowdy party house (we are absolutely not), we've established a reputation for respecting our guests and our guests return that respect.
We have never had issues with things being broken or stolen, people fighting or police showing up.
We have a greenhouse in our backyard (could use a little TLC), raised bed gardens (same), an outdoor compost bin (again), a fire pit, a large deck, a hammock - and a chicken run (minus chickens at the moment) for chicken keeping (eggs, not meat).

If you've always wanted a chicken run, but hate chickens, this place is for you.

All images are from the Craigslist post.

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