Thursday, December 6, 2012

Parking Wars, Ann Arbor edition

Something caught my eye in this Com article from earlier this week. You know the article where the Ann Arbor Police Department affirms that under local law, drivers are not allowed to run down people who are standing in parking spots. Okay, really the AAPD is letting people know that there is no law against standing in parking spots. What caught my eye was not the heated argument in the comments about whether drivers should be allowed to nudge standing pedestrians out of parking spots, but rather the poll. Check out the above screen shot. I like that the only way you can say that you don't struggle to find parking downtown is if you say that you never go there. What about those of us who walk, bike and/or bus downtown? Or those of us, who when we do drive downtown, do not find it onerous to find parking? To me at least, it seems like downtown Ann Arbor is full of numerous parking structures and way too many surface lots.