Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Revenge of the redditors

I don't mean to imply that the actions of one redditor reflect the beliefs of the entire community, it's just that "Revenge of the redditors" is a much catchier title than the alternative "The contributions of one redditor to the resignation of U of M social media director, Jordan Miller."

Earlier today, I visited the subreddit r/uofm for the first time after following a tweet by @ryanvis:

The tweet led to a post by someone using the handle citizenthrowawayx. The post was of a scanned image of Ms. Miller's resume and an official report from Columbia College that she had not, in fact earned a BA there as the resume claimed. Citizenthrowawayx posted the following statement along with the scanned transcript:

I don't like seeing my tax and your tuition money going toward paying someone ~ $100k/yr in earnings obtained through fraud, so I'm posting a little FOIA dump you all may be interested in. This information is publicly available. Having been royally screwed over by by this woman's lies myself, I decided to file a FOIA request with U of M to obtain these documents. I knew since she's a pathological liar that she probably lied on her application for the job, which as it turns out, she did. No surprise there.

I work at U of M myself and we constantly get these emails about integrity and reporting fraud and illegal activity... all lip service, apparently. I was asked to produce a copy of my degree certificate for my job, which I did. Perhaps it's a different situation cause I'm not a professional liar, but regardless an academic institution relies on its reputation and should at least have some minimum standard of honesty in the job application process. It's all about earning that degree that says something about you, right? Otherwise what's the point? We can all just make fake CVs or order PhDs from diploma mills and make a pile of money too.

Concerned Taxpayer

(ps. I don't really have a problem if anyone figures out who I am, but why bring myself unnecessary attention? I'm not the one who's engaged in fraud here and you can verify this information yourself if you want)

Harsh words from citizenthrowayayx. Nevertheless it appears as if the compliance hotline came through in the end. Part of me wishes we lived in a world where if you were capable of excelling at your job, it wouldn't matter if you had a degree. Then again, I realize that misrepresentation to get yourself considered for a position isn't fair to those who don't misrepresent themselves.

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