Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Toronto Sun travels to Ann Arbor

The Toronto Sun, a populist conservative tabloid from the Frosty Apple, just reviewed Ann Arbor as a tourist destination:
Bob Seger got it right when he sang about Ann Arbor more than 30 years ago.

His song Mainstreet still captures the feel of the Michigan college town’s downtown, although pool halls and department stores have now given way to a staggering number of restaurants, brew pubs, concert halls and quirky stores such as Vault of Midnight selling graphic novels or Cherry Republic with nothing but products made from Michigan cherries.

They also had some very nice things to say about our friends, Appleseed Collective. To our neighbors to the north I say this: if you're looking for some place warm for a nice winter getaway, look no further than balmy Michigan. I'm sure your Loonies and Twonies will go quite far here.

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