Friday, January 4, 2013

Breathe Owl Breathe at the Ark

This was my dozen or so Breathe Owl Breathe show and once again they proved that they really can't do anything wrong. Consistently they show that they're not just talented musicians but can really bond with and entertain the crowd. The majority of the concert were new songs, that will hopefully appear on a future album. At one point and time Micah played "Person, place or thing" with the crowd, taking responses from us and improvising some of the lyrics on the spot. My suggestion of microwave was chosen and then warped into something about the pistons in the late eighties. I think it would've made since if I had been alive at the time or ever was interested in sports. Like a cat lady would urge a stranger to get a pet I urge you to catch a Breathe Owl Breathe show next time they float through Michigan.

Photo Credit- Brian T, who had better seats
 During their shows I have seen them don capes, wolf hats, etc. For a song about a theoretical explorer Micah wore a ski mask of sorts.
Photo Credit- Brian T
When Andrea found that her keyboard cord was short they played a song or two seated. She later told us a joke about sushi that my friends repeated into the night.


  1. So sad I missed this. Breathe Owl Breathe shows actually make my 20-something self feel like a little kid being read a story by a grandparent. It's just so POSITIVE.