Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Unbroken Down'

Detroit native and CCS graduate Dave Jordano was featured in Wired yesterday for "Unbroken Down," a photo collection featuring his hometown. He showcases his share of poverty, ruin porn, and hipsters, but also Kovac's Bar! Barber shop! Art in Mexicantown!

It's nice to see some images about what makes this city so special. I mean, you can see crumbling buildings all over the world. To get this shot, you have to be in Detroit.

(Ruin porn always makes me think of the wink-eyed, mixed-up Anna Karenina quote at the beginning of Nabokov's Ada: "All happy families are more or less alike; all unhappy families are more or less similar." I have to side with Nabokov on this one, even if he didn't mean it. Unhappy cities are all alike, and each happy city is happy in its own way.)

Jordano has an exhibit at the DIA until June 16.


  1. No, I have been staring at the pictures but now I have an excuse to get away from ann arbor for a day