Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wintery Mix

Looks like we've got a wintery mix coming tonight. Here are some wintery mixed drink ideas to get you though the evening:

1. Hot cocoa with whiskey.

2. Hot cider with whiskey.

3. Hot toddy. I like to combine boiling water with lemon juice, cloves and honey for a few minutes then add a good pour of whiskey or brandy.

4. Wassail. The classic British Christmas concoction. The NYTimes has a good article discussing the history of the beverage. If the recipes seem too involved, then just combine ale, cider and whiskey.

5. White Russian. Not hot, but how can you go wrong with this classic?

If you're going for any of these whiskey based drinks, why not try some Traverse City Whiskey Co. Bourbon?

If you need some songs for a wintery mix tape, we strongly endorse the following:

Please share you suggestions for wintery mixed drinks or wintery songs for a mix tape.


  1. I also like whisky with hot cocoa, but without the hot cocoa. :)

  2. I had the pleasure of driving in that....

    fun fun fun....