Thursday, February 14, 2013

A very special Valentine's Day message from Damn Arbor

A few weeks ago, EJ and I had dinner with Mark Maynard, whose eponymous blog is a sort of resistant godfather to Damn Arbor. We had a very good time. Since then, we have been thinking of a way we could express our gratitude to and admiration of Mark. We also wanted to make him uncomfortable. This is what happened. Hope there's room for this on your fridge, Mark!

"Ugly Mark" cartoon by Reverend Aitor via

"Puppet Mark" by Patrick Elkins via

Ben and Erika cartoons by Jon Wilcox


  1. I was just at his site and I couldn't help but notice he didn't have damnarbor listed under the "Friends" column of links on the right.

    Maybe it's time you 3 sat down and figured out where things stand in your relationship.

  2. @Rob Hence the "aspirational" best friends and "resistant" godfather qualifiers. It'll be another Valentine's Day for eating ice cream from the tub and watching "When Harry Met Sally" in our basement. No, "You've Got Mail"--the ultimate ode to Internet relationships.

    Don't worry, though: I've seen enough Meg Ryan movies to know how this turns out.