Monday, February 25, 2013

Edward II at The New Theater Project

The New Theater Project will be preforming Edward the Second from March 1-31st at Mix Studio Theater in Ypsilanti. There will be three pay-what-you can performances on March 1-3. The official opening is March 8th. Here's a description of TNTP's interpretation of the play:

The adaptation imagines what a naive, young lust would look like on an epic scale. What if an eroticized love affair could destroy an entire nation? What if a break up could strand you, banished in a foreign world?

A party boy, a loser, a pothead, a wastoid, now a king, Edward: not ready for the call of adulthood, crashing in his dad’s basement with his disreputable boyfriend, Pierce. His brother Kent lives under the burden of his beloved father, and his wife Isabel will only put up with it for so long before her ambitions get the best of her. Edward the Second, The New Theatre Project’s first history play adaptation, exists in the tensions between power and desire, pain and pleasure, and past and present. The classic love story--with its unforgettable, explosive ending--is about the impossibility of young love and the casualties of adulthood.

Edward the Second contains violence, strong language, sexual simulations, and nudity. Audience members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Sounds like a fun sexy time. Tickets are $10 for students/industry and $15 for the general population. You can buy them online here for a modest service fee.

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