Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Wolverine Brethren

Wolverines are not in Michigan. The Wolverine State is a misnomer, but that doesn't mean we should stop paying attention to our furry, terrifying friend. HuffPost reports that the wolverine is being threatened by the big bad of climate change. Read the article here. Let's hope the "mountain devil" gets a chance to spend another hundred years not residing in Michigan.
Photo Credit to Wikipedia?


  1. Wasn't there a wolverine in the Thumb area recently?

  2. Not fully a misnomer because of Custer's "wolverines"?

    But yes, I agree!

  3. I didn't realize Wolverines do exist. I thought they were just myth.

  4. Ha, I was cautious to use the word misnomer for this reason because I assumed that Wolverines used to be in Michigan. I think it still counts as a misnomer though because of their relative absence for the past two hundred years. Ben- there has been one in MI but it died in 2010.