Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pimps of Joytime Last Thursday

Last week I pulled myself from staycation coma and made it out to the Pimps of Joytime at the Blind Pig. I've been through hellfire and brimstone since then, but Damn Arbor, that show was good. The Blind Pig was filled well and with all walks of life. It was an juxtaposition of underage students and an older crowd. At some point the bandleader brought up the crowd, seemingly surprised they had such a warm reception in Ann Arbor but he shouldn't have been. The show was good, like really good. It's hard to put into words but the feeling still lingers.

All of my photos are pretty iPhoney, but the band had three elements to their percussion, including two expressive ladies and the smiliest drummer ever. The woman above was captivating, I really want to be her, or at least have her wardrobe and talents.

The crowd really kept up with the energy the band threw out, dancing and dancing and dancing. It was a well oiled performance, that drew from smoky vocals, strong beats and strings. 

To the left of the stage an artist was live painting along with the show. I'll edit this post when I can find his card, but he does painting at shows like Rothbury or Electric Forest. He was alternating between two canvasses and discussed that he had limited artistic training, but it didn't show in his brush strokes. 

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