Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinoccio microcontroller update

With 8 days left in their campaign Pinoccio, the wireless microcontroller made by some local folks, has already achieved 116% of their 60k funding goal on Indiegogo. They've also released this cool demo video of what their little guy can do:

Pretty neat, right? Even better, you can vote on what they do for their next demo project:

BitFit - We'll attach a 3-axis accelerometer to a Scout & track walking motion. It'll automatically sync online when in range of the Lead Scout.

Drunkalyzer - We'll put an alcohol gas sensor on a Pinoccio, and have it tweet how drunk you are to Twitter. DIY Breathaylizer!

Environmental - We'll capture humidity, light, and temp, push the data to the web, and make it so you can turn on/off all of the sensors remotely.

Motion Detection - We'll set up a PIR sensor and send SMS text message any time it senses motion. See how often your cat moves during the day.

I voted for Drunkalyzer. I can't see how that could possibly go wrong. You should vote (for Drunkalyzer) too. You have until 6pm PST tomorrow to vote.

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