Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Damnies™ updates

Gentle readers, I just wanted to thank the nearly 200 of you that have already voted for the 2013 Damnies™. I also wanted to remind everyone that voting will stay open until Sunday. If you have not yet voted, you can find the form at the end of this post. In other exciting 2013 Damnies™ news, the generous folks at the Lunch Room have agreed to sponsor the awards. Winners will now receive a certificate for free cookies from Ann Arbor's premier vegan food establishment. Thanks the Lunch Room, I know you already know this, buy you really rock.

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Ann Arbor Chronicle for the shout out they gave us in their Sunday column yesterday. Who would of thought you could work a reference to the Damnies into an article about the nuances of the DDA's tax increment finance (TIF) capture?

However, on the theory that these proposed amendments are all about Stephen Kunselman and not about good public policy, I figure it’s also reasonable to toss in another possibility. Perhaps Kunselman is trying to raise his profile enough to win local blog Damn Arbor’s current poll as “most attractive councilmember.” The poll includes Kunselman as one of just four nominated councilmembers. It’s not clear to me if the voting is meant to include sartorial choices, but if it does, Kunselman could objectively be considered a natty dresser.
Based on the Damnies nominating from, I can safely say that Kunselman is one of the most nominated people for the "Most attractive city council person" category.


  1. Nice list. You've got the highs and the lows.

    Cocktails... what about Knights?!

    Bearded dude at Alley Bar (Phil A) should win for sure...

  2. Is this list just for hipsters? Seems this list is heavily skewed toward the "fixie" crowd

    1. In the "This is who we are" section at the top of the page it mentioned grad students, townies, and derelicts. I suspect that is who this list has been conjured for. If those types of people represent the fixie crowd or whatever your loose definition of a hipster is then the answer is yes.

    2. The categories were initially based on the 2011 awards. The editors of Damn Arbor came up with some additional categories, but then we opened it up to the general public.