Monday, March 18, 2013

Ann Arbor City Council Drinking Game: 2013 edition

As you may have heard, ABC has graciously agreed to let us host a City Council Viewing Party tonight at 7:00. Please stop by and say hi. Also, it's happy hour all day, so you really have no reason not to come.

This means it's time to come up with some new rules for the City Council Drinking Game. The game was originally developed by Urban Oasis based on some comments on Ann Arbor is Overrated. We here at Damn Arbor have made up our own rules in the past as well. Here are my ideas for new rules:

If a lawyer subtilely threatens a law suit, drink once.

If a lawyer says they would be "forced to take legal action to protect their client," drink twice.

If a lawyer representing 413 E. Huron says "We will sue the crap out of you hayseeds," finish your drink.

If a CM or public commentor advocates for a shadow study, drink once.

At the start of closed session, everyone bets on how long it will take. Everyone chips in to buy whoever is closest a drink.

Every time someone says "Councilmen Kunselman," drink.

Some folks on twitter have suggested every CM should have a catchphrase, that would make everyone have to drink. Any suggestions for catchphrases or other rules?


  1. 1. Christopher Taylor says – "For my part ..." – finish your drink, pound the glass on the table and shout, "You KNOW which part!"
    2. Jane Lumm says, "yeah" – take only a dainty sip.
    3. Stephen Kunselman says, "Mr. Mayor" – take an ironic sip.
    4. Mike Anglin says, "the people" or "impressed upon me" or "just feel" – drink.
    5. Chuck Warpehoski says something like, "when I was knocking on doors during the campaign" – drink twice.
    6. John Hieftje says "we're not trying to freeze anything in amber" – find a townie and buy them a drink.
    7. Marcia Higgins says, "we always do this" or "a lot of information" – drink.
    8. Margie Teall says anything – drink.
    9. Sumi Kailasapathy poses a rhetorical question and answers it with "No, that's not what we're saying" – drink.
    10. Sabra Briere says something like "I hear people say X, and I know that personally I ..." – drink.
    11. Sally Petersen says "customers" – finish your drink, link arms with the person on your right and chant: "We ARE your customers!"

  2. I think we should toast Tom Partridge at some point. I'd also like to hiss if those anti-everything people show up and pick on Chuck.