Monday, March 25, 2013

La Marche du Nain Rouge 2013, in pictures

There was a really good turnout for this year's Marche Du Nain Rouge despite chilly weather.

Look at all these brave souls bundled against the elements.

More brave souls.

Support the arts.

Last year the parade got derailed at a liquor store; this year progress was stalled by folks throwing beads.

I really liked this fife and drum group. They really added to the colonial element.

These Monopoly-style deeds all had the names of Dan Gilbert owned properties on them.

This box of chillable red was one of several Franzia boxes in the parade. He almost got arrested because he was dispensing actual chillable red from his costume.

The Nain Rouge declared his mission accomplished. Last year he promised to bring an emergency manager to the city. He is now on vacation somewhere warm.

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