Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ann Arbor from above

Living in a town with its own airport has some very cool advantages — you can often find someone to take you up in the air and see your home from an entirely new perspective!

Ann Arbor, looking northwest from above the South U area.
The Diag is visible in the center, with Palmer Field on the right edge of the photo.

Michigan Stadium, during the construction of the new video scoreboards in 2011.

Overlooking the University's hospital complex, with downtown Ann Arbor in the background.

Ann Arbor has a surprisingly large general aviation community; several flight schools and other clubs & organizations call the Ann Arbor Airport home. And A2's aviation history dates all the way back to the early 1900s — the club I fly with (the Michigan Flyers) was donated a Wright Model B in 1915. Today, thousands of aviators take to the skies over Ann Arbor every year; the airport's two runways average 161 takeoffs & landings every day.

Departing Ann Arbor to the west at night.
The orange lights in the distance are Detroit and its suburbs.

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