Saturday, April 6, 2013

FoolMoon 2013 in pictures

EJ and I checked out the third annual FoolMoon last night. For the first time we more or less followed one of the parades in to downtown.

We started off with the Kerrytown processional. There were a good number of folks there. Lots of fruit and vegetable luminaries this year.

The processional passed Literati Bookstore and they were hella packed. Pretty awesome. We stopped back there after FoolMoon and talked with Hillary and Mike. More on that later.

Violin Monster was there.

There was a good crowd at Washington and Ashley.

Lots of good luminaries this year.

A crowd of folks watching Theo Katzman play.

World renowned shadow puppeteer, Patrick Elkins, with some sort of sea creature. I think.


This dragonfly and angler fish from years past made an appearance.

A shot of Theo from behind stage.

And Spooner is back in town! Apparently he makes a new crocheted jacket every year.

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