Sunday, April 7, 2013

Literati Bookstore

EJ and I stopped by Literati Bookstore on Friday night after FoolMoon. When we had walked past, earlier in the evening, the store was completely packed. A good sign I think. We spent some time talking to Hilary and Mike, the store's owners. They are super cool and like almost all the same books that EJ and I like. I think they have done a great job stocking and staffing the store. I know a lot of folks out there think print is dead. And while it is true that the market for literature is definitely going through a big change, I think what really determines the success of a brick and mortar business is its ability to create a community. In this regard, I think Literati is poised to succeed. Everyone in the store was elated just to be in a bookstore leafing through books at 10 pm on a Friday. If Hilary and Mike can keep this up, they will be fixtures of downtown for decades to come.

When we got back after FoolMoon there were still a dozen or so folks milling about in the store.

I really like the personalized recommendations the store's employees have written for their favorite books.

I've been told their t-shirts and tote bags make great gifts.

They also have a great pad of paper where anyone can suggest books for them to cary.


  1. You forgot to mention how dog-friendly the store is! Though our little dog was too persnickety to eat one, all dogs are welcome and there are dog treats behind the counter. :)

    The store also boasts a carefully curated Michigan-author section on the stairs descending to the basement. If you're at a loss, you can get a recommendation from the UM lit and poetry PhD's who man the cash register and stock the shelves. One employee is a Borders veteran of 25 years. Can't wait to go back!