Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saltine Cracker to attend U of M?

There have been murmurs among university students on the interweb about a controversial high school student. Suzy Lee Weiss, published racist, sought to attend an Ivy League school but her lack of "two moms" really put her at an academic disadvantage. Her "struggles" mirror the "tribulations" of Abigail Fisher, another salty rejected girl. In an interview with the Today show, posted above, Weiss tries to support her deluded piece of "satire" and also hints at coming to Michigan. Here is how some university students responded to that news on youtube:
There is some significance to the timing of her coughed implication to attend Michigan. The Supreme Court decided a couple weeks back to look at the University's Affirmative Action case in October. If her name fades away now, it might be dug up again in the fall to show how hard it is to be white in America. Only time will tell if her rejection from the "Harvard of the East" will lead her to the "Harvard of the West." 


  1. That Racialicious piece is spot-on, I think.

  2. In the piece Abigail Fisher mentioned Penn State at least two times. For those on the east coast, "Go Blue!" generally means Penn State. Doesn't mean that she's not talking about U of M, but I bet PSU is the "Blue" she's referring to.