Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trouble for SELMA

The Chronicle is reporting that SELMA Cafe has been sent a notice of zoning violation by the city. The Food System Economic Partnership, a non-profit associated with SEMLA is also severing ties and has frozen its assets.

The city of Ann Arbor has sent a notice of zoning violation to the popular Selma Cafe, a weekly home-based breakfast gathering that raises money for local farmers and farming activities. The group has also received notice that the nonprofit Food System Economic Partnership (FSEP) has decided to end its fiscal sponsorship of Selma Cafe, citing “significant violations” of the terms in a memorandum of understanding between the two entities. The FSEP board voted to make the move in late March.
You can read more on the Chronicle. Could this be the end of SELMA?

Photo by Sean Munson


  1. i guess whitey will have to find some way to be charitable without taking a big crap on the neighbors of said charity

  2. These are the types of things that make cities like Austin thrive and make people want to move there - creative ways to bring community together.

    Part of the appeal is that it's in a house that is opened to the public each week, but I can see how neighbors would be agitated (as seen in the above posted comment by Anonymous) with the traffic and influx of people - perhaps a location near downtown?

  3. That's what I say, Topher. Find a nice "legal" space and have at it! The Zing Pop Up spot would be awesome and very near my house (she said selfishly :))

  4. @ TeacherPatti - I think one of the issues in making it "legal" is that it becomes much more costly because then you have to adhere to things like an industrial kitchen, etc.

  5. That's would be nice if some nice people would donate the space. (I'm such a dreamer!) :)