Monday, April 22, 2013

Zombie apocalypse at SPH tomorrow

Tomorrow, the School of Public Health is hosting a (mock) zombie apocalypse based on the CDC's zombie-themed disaster preparedness scenario. Unfortunately, participation is limited to 100 volunteers and they have already capped out. Also, unlike real zombie apocalypses, this one has tons of rules:

Zombie Rules (Yes, there are rules, even for the Undead)

Zombies must be pre-registered and attend orientation (registration is closed, please attend the orientation session you signed up for, or come to one of the other sessions)
Zombies must assemble before the event in room 1680
Zombies must wear the official Apocalypse T-shirt throughout the event
Zombies may wear make-up if they choose, as long as it does not drip or flake off, or create any residue or mess within the school
Zombies may NOT bring weapons, facsimiles of weapons, or simulated weapons, including guns, knives, stabbing implements or any other potential weapon-like items
You may wear specified items as part of your costume - these will be discussed at the mandatory orientation sessions
Zombies may NOT menace, threaten or make person-to-person contact with individual participants, observers or visitors (a little slow-motion chasing is fine. But please do not induce screaming among the chase-ees).
Any zombie-to-zombie contact must be explicitly agreed upon in advance and must not appear violent. We are not actually trying to scare people.
Zombie noises are acceptable, within a reasonable volume. And we all know that zombies lurch around and wave their arms. Can't help that.
Zombie dancing is encouraged.
Participation must remain within the pre-determined areas ONLY. This includes Rooms 1680, 1690 and the atrium of SPH 1, lobby and balcony area.

I wonder if the no weapons rule excludes Nerf Guns, which are clearly toys.

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