Friday, May 31, 2013

Ann Arbor's funniest Twitter account: #juliebee

The Current has come out with their 2013 Readers Choice results. Mad props to #juliebee (@juliewbee). What I really want to know is who this #damnannarbor character is.

In all seriousness though, thank you to everyone who voted for us this year for Best Local Blog and Funniest Twitter Account. And to the Current I say this: if you are going to have Twitter categories for your annual Readers Choice poll, you should probably figure out the difference between hashtags (#) and the all important "at sign" (@).


  1. @BCB What do we win?

  2. Nothing. They still owe us two certificates but Homeless Dave says we're not supposed to complain about that anymore.

    1. Homeless Dave is my Ice Cream buddy but I think we can complain about whatever we want.

  3. Congrats and congrats to Julie W! I think they should have a best commenter category because I'd totally campaign for myself because I'd love to not get some certificates, too!

    Seriously, congratulations!

  4. So, my question is, why isn't there a best Twitter account category? Because, while I'm thrilled to be the funniest and you are certainly hysterical, well, I'm not always trying for "funny" and didn't think you were either.

    But also, congrats for Best Local Blog!