Monday, May 6, 2013

Breaking news: trouble at the Magic Shop

Damn Arbor has just received the following anonymous tip:
Two police officers just approached [REDACTED]'s "Magic Shop", one around front and one around back. [Redacted] was led out the back of the building uncuffed and taken away in a squad car. Not sure why.
[Redacted] recently opened up a Magic Shop in [REDACTED]. It is possible that this arrest might be for an outstanding warrant in Florida. More on this story as it develops. Remember, you can always send us your hot tips. We truly appreciate it. You can see a screen shot of the Collier County, FL Sheriff's page after the jump. [IMAGE REDACTED]

UPDATE 2014-07-22: At the request of the person being reported on in this article, their name, and personal information have been redacted.

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  1. I love the Occupations listed: "Clown", "Magician."